Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Semester Character

Forgot to post this silly guy. This is Danny and he is my character for our fall semester projects. In this render there are some weighting issues that I have since worked out. Also, his displacement and bump maps are not visible here. He has buttons and shoelaces and pockets and what have you. I wish I had time to render out some nicer color stills but alas, I don't! You'll see him in his full glory in the animations.


Wayne Parker said...


Cat Musgrove said...

Hey Cat! Looking good. You might want to watch his eyebrow blends. It looks like there are some slight volume issues (the one that's higher looks way thinner). Not sure if it's too late to do anything about it though... Also, the bottom of his shirt is a little crazy, but that's probably a weighting issue. Other than that, it's nice. He's really expressive! Usually it takes people awhile to get their characters to show that much expression! ^_^

Josh Burch said...

hahahahaha awesome