Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In/Out Animation

This is my In/Out animation for fall semester!

Please comment with any motion critiques you may have. I will be reanimating the first 5 beats of this piece this Christmas. I already have a lot of ideas thumbnailed out but any additional suggestions as to what other acting choices could use to break up that even pacing would be great. Thanks!


Wayne Parker said...

Cool work on the animation, looks great.

Betsy Bauer said...

I love all of the exaggeration.

Wouter said...

great stuff, i find that you are talented in animation.. for sure

the thing that bothered me was that i thought there was too much bending and follow through on the broom

it felt like a spagetti in stead of a hard stick he could smash the bug with

just my thought!
very nice animation, just stroling around

peace out!

Jerzy said...

cool animation, i like it!
and Im agree with Wally, but it´s ok, maybe this is the style that you choiced for this shot or for this character in this case!
anyway... great work!!!