Friday, April 17, 2009

Wild Dogs Parody Poster

At Ringling, all of the computer animation major seniors create fun parody posters for their thesis short films. This year's poster theme was Oscar winners. I decided to do last year's Best Picture winner, No Country For Old Men. That and There Will Be Blood were my favorite films of 2008, I'd say. Sadly I only had about 40 minuets to work on this, but here's what I cooked up.

I also was pleased to find out last week that Wild Dogs was selected for the annual Best of Ringling show! It's both a huge honor and a personal accomplishment. I have accomplished my goal of being accepted into the BOR show 4 years in a row.

Two weeks until schools out forever!


Hammy said...

Huh, no comments? I guess I will be the fan girl around here. :) That poster looks awesome! I know I mentioned it before but you guys at Ringling are seriously kicking butt real hard. I will be looking forward to your name on those movie credits to come! Thanks again for sharing!

a pig said...

that poster is amazing.

also, congrats on being selected!!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Cat, Just caught Wild Dogs and I really enjoyed it! Stellar work!

mithmeoi said...

That poster is really great! Really catches the eye. :) Congrats on having your film selected too! It was really great, you deserve it! :)