Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keyboard doodles

Going to kick off that New Year's "post more good AND bad artwork to my blog" resolution early by dumping a few of what I like to call "keyboard sketches".

I keep a pad of paper underneath my keyboard. Anytime I need to open up a scene, load multiple charactes, record a shot, answer my office phone, or do anything that takes some time for the computer to think, I doodle! Most of the doodles are pretty aimless and repetitive since my window to draw can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minuets. I feel like if I didn't have the paper there I would loose my mind.

These are some of the pages in my doodle pad from the last 3 weeks. I couldn't include all of them because some pages included animation thumbnails and we are allowed to post anything production related.

Will post some more another time!



Casey said...

I like how the post-its overlap

Alonso said...

nice strong start :)
can you fail harder please, I think your failures are stronger then my successes ;)

AnimationGirl said...

I love your style! You're very lucky. Going to Ringling is a dream of many artist all over the world. I wish I could afford going to Ringling, it really is my dream to study there and grow as an artist.

Cool stuff, keep it up.


Jeremy Deveraturda said...

I think it's important to see the good and the ugly in what we create.. Anyhows I just stumbled upon upon your blog. Looking forward to seeing the whole range.

Dave Johnson said...

Nice stuff, Cat! You've got a really great style to your sketches, and I'd love to see you take some of them to a fully-rendered state.

CrowPie said...

Great Sketches!!